Thursday, December 02, 2004

Smacking Kids: my religious right?

As you can see from the story below, a Christian school has petitioned for the 'right' to spank children. Part of me laughs, part of me is frightened by the fact that people do this kind of thing. The most ironic thing about this is that they're arguing that it is a matter of 'human rights' to get to smack around little kids. I suppose it's right up there with the 'right to burn a cross in your black neighbors lawn' which has so callously been taken away from us.

I can imagine kids' parents coming up with a "Who Would Jesus Smack" bumper sticker or some such thing. Oh well, like I said, part of me laughs. You can laugh too. And maybe, just maybe, you can go out and smack the next rowdy kid you see as an expression of your God-given right to religious freedom.

School asks for spanking approval

A PRIVATE Christian school that says corporal punishment is part of its religious beliefs asked Britain's House of Lords today to uphold its right to spank misbehaving pupils.

The Christian Fellowship School in Liverpool, northwest England, says a 1996 government ban on corporal punishment in schools is out of step with the wishes of the public and infringes the rights of Christians to practice their beliefs.

The High Court and the Court of Appeal have both rejected that argument.

James Dingemans, representing the school and headmaster Philip Williamson, said it was an established principle of law that parents had the right to inflict corporal punishment on their children, and could delegate that right.

"The Court of Appeal was led into error by creating and applying a doctrine of non-interference," he told the lords, who are led by Lord Bingham.

That, said Dingemans, had meant that "one of the most important human rights is near worthless."

In its ruling, the Court of Appeal said physical punishment for an offence committed at school could be achieved by contacting the pupil's parents and leaving any punishment to them.

That way, there was no question of parents' religious freedoms being in conflict with the ban on smacking in the 1996 Education Act, the appeal judges said. The case is continuing.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know beating your kids- or letting someone else do it- had anything to do with human rights or religion. You learn something new everyday.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but if we allow parents to do that, and the school is acting on behalf of the parents and with their permission- how can the government intervene?

literatifella said...

I'm sure Hitler would argue that corporal punishment does not harm children. Rather, it encourages obedience. And obedient children are necessary for the good of society. Hitler was beaten as a child so how could it go wrong? and if it was good enough for Hitler... Why is it that parents believe that hitting their children is the only way to prevent the children from becoming monsters? Maybe they want to justify hitting their kids so they don't feel like monsters?

Anonymous said...

Still, if the government can intervene on a parent's discipline to protect the best interests of a child, then when a school is acting as a substitute parent and in a more public capacity, wouldn't the government be even more likely to intervene? -Greg

Anonymous said...

I just don't think parents should be allowed to hit their kids. -Petey

Anonymous said...

yes they sould because if they dont discipline their child will propably become rebels

Anonymous said...
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