Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Dean to head the DNC: Good news for Dems?

Well I normally try to avoid politics in my blogging, as most of it seems a waste of time, but I am very happy today to see that Dr. Howard Dean has been given the nod for Democratic Party Chairman from at least one state: Florida. It is very much my hope that he is supported by all of the states in the coming months.

Howard Dean at his best represents the charismatic, energetic personality that the Democratic Party desperately needs in the next four years. While the two Bush elections have led many Dems to turn on their party's ideals in order to get some of the left-over goodies from the Good Ol' Boys in office, Dean has unabashedly criticized the ultra-right policies of GW and his cronies.

I'm not here going to make a big argument for supporting Dean - other than that he brought energy to the party that I think frankly scared some of the more conservative dems. On the other hand he is very much a supporter of conservative issues like states rights in state-issues, lowering taxes (though more for the lower-middle class who need and will spend the money than the fat cats who are 1000 times as likely to invest in foreign markets), and others.

Anyhow -- I'm not a fan of telling people who they should support in politics. I think the best way to real political solutions is through one's own self-growth: getting free from the various controlling factors of industry and advertising and beauty magazines; developing character and independence through setting goals and following through with them; and by taking care of others at every opportunity, from financial grants to a simple smile and "hello".


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