Friday, July 29, 2005

poem: Turning from Virtue

The turn of mind
To sensual pleasures
Seems innocent
In ignorance
Blinded by passion

The sticky pleasure
Of desire fulfilled
Does not permit
Easy return.


SJ said...

Just skimming through and came across this. So relevant to me now.
How strange. Perhaps it wasn't a coincidence. A warning sign for me....

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Heya SJ - yea - it's true of my life more often than I'd like to think... I seem to have developed a pattern of diving into pleasure-filled experiences and then diving out, and into a very austere, simple lifestyle... It was with some reading of Ken Wilber (I posted on him a bit in October or November '05) that I've tried to develop a middle way, walking the tight rope of balanceing both passions and self-discipline... It gets easier.