Friday, September 09, 2005

no more justin in England...

Now, alas, I am back in Montana... Strangely enveloped in a busy, hectic, hazy, noisy existence. How odd: peace, quiet, reflection - in a city of half a million. Now anxiety, flightiness, superficiality, in a mountain town of nigh 80,000.

Oh well... I’ll find my inner-peace, or whatever it is that Buddhists typically do when thrown into a chaos of their own making. What I will do, eventually, is create another blog or go back to an old one… leaving this to posterity and the jackals.

Try me now at

Good luck - meditate - help someone out a bit.

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Mark said...

Well, take care!

I'm still taking to heart Geshe Michael's instruction that it takes about the same time a day as it takes to learn to play concert piano. Most of the time I'm lazy, but I keep reminding myself, "hey! You used to learn piano!", and then I keep on going... :-)