Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Life: photos and orientation

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I'm pooped! Two days of orientation have me worn out and I can't wait to get into studies proper next week. What can I say? Orientation has been a bore. As a career student with past studies in the UK, I feel like I know most of what is being covered and any questions I might have will be handled by my department (which I haven't met up with just yet). A good time to practice patience and the letting go of expectations.

I could write pages comparing this place with Bristol, and thus far Bristol wins, hands down. Of course in Bristol I conveniently missed orientation week, thus pushing through the bureaucracy alone the week after everyone else did. But I imagine that, like Bristol, once everything is ironed out things will procede here very nicely.

I am also not quite over the jet-lag which is new for me. In the past I was off and running within a day or two. But again just a bit to adjust to.

The flatmates are great. Most are from Asia and study arts and post-colonial studies, which has led to some good conversation around the kitchen we share.

Alright, 'tis all for now. I've done some reading of Richard Gombrich's book, "Theravada Buddhism" and will post thoughts asap. I am also painfully overjoyed (big smiles across the pond) to be helping in the planning of a wedding - my our wedding - with the beautiful miss McGannon, and it's about time I devote a full post to her.


Kelly A. said...

How exciting, J! Looks like you live in a bustling neighborhood with character and grit. Remember what you wrote on July 18th:
"Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble, or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. - Unknown"

Be calm and know you are loved. K

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Hey babe - you are right. Being a monk in a monastery is easy, in the world is the real test. And as you mentioned in a recent post of your own, it's about being able to be the Observer when the body does this or that, watching and not reacting.

This body is not so happy to be here now: new sounds, new dangers and so on. But it will adjust. In the meantime I will rest in hte knowledge that I am loved and all is well.