Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Leaving Sukhavati

Today I fly back to London to resume intense studies, get back into blogging, hang out with new friends, and prepare for a trip to India with my good friend SJ to reunite with Soorjya who is getting married. There is a lot to look forward to. But my heart is still heavy as I imagine getting on the plane in nine or ten hours.

I've done a lot these past three weeks in the US. I:
  1. spent time with Kelly's lovely aunt Suzi and grandmother (Gabbo)
  2. saw Princeton, where Kelly began her doctoral studies,
  3. met Kelly's good friends Carolyne and (?), who she met through her first Socrates Café
  4. visited Storm King Art Center, a beautiful 500 acres of brilliant trees, rolling hills, a playful stream, and open sky (and some funny art too),
  5. met Ken and Christine Lindsay, an amazing couple (celebrating just over 60years of marriage) who Kelly met in her research on WWII art preservation,
  6. made some headway in my research and a conference panel discussion on "Buddhism and Philosophy" in the spring,
  7. saw Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, where I
  8. proposed,
  9. received a 'yes',
  10. and thus became officially engaged :) Update: a photo from just after our engagement:

and a whole lot more...

Yet still it seemed to go all too fast.

C'est la vie.


Land of Great Bliss.

I bid you adieu, but not for long.

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Kelly said...

Heya, J.

We hung out with Carolyn and Janet at Princeton!

I'm missing you, too.

Love, K