Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life: Homeward Bound

Shortly before my Malta trip we decided I should cut short my stay in London and get me back to the US, so..... Well, the countdown clock on the right might have tipped you off, but I'm headed back now in just a week.

The plan now?
  1. Withdraw (temporarily - until September) from the college.
  2. Continue to work at my own pace, maybe focus on languages (Pali and German) for a bit.
  3. Get back to DC: rest.
  4. Apartment hunt: someplace between central DC and out in the boonies west of there (like Round Hill, VA - population: 500)
Simple enough? After a very tiring few months in London, I think so. Going from a city map that looks like this:To (potentially) this:
certainly has its appeal. So, adios for now, London. I look forward to resting up and spending plenty of QT with my fiancee. But first, a quick trip to Bristol to see old friends over the weekend :)

* For when we do get that apartment: Feng Shui Tips


Jennifer said...

Hi Justin,
Quoting the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel huh? You might look in Alexandria for apartments my BFF from high school lives there and loves it, and shes from Great Falls. Travel Safely. Peace Jen

Kelly said...

Yep. Alexandria would be really cool, Jen and Justin, as it's a wonderful neighborhood, especially Olde Towne. Great restaurants! Great nature paths and trails! Close proximity to the District. Justin, we'll have to chat!

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Heya Jen - yup, I LOVE that song...

"Home where my love lies waiting
Silently for me."


Thanks for the tip :)

Kelly, babe! Yes, we've got some checking out of places to do!