Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reporting from England (finally!) or "What this blog is about"

Finally! I've set up a blog in England. I started a little Blog called "American Buddhist Perspective" (I'll post a link to it later) last summer, but never really posted much there. At almost the same time, a good friend of mine, Ali Tabibnejad, created a Blog for the UM Philosophy Society where the two of us traded posts for a while - but that now has fallen off.

So - here I begin a new online blogging journey. The purpose, I suppose, will be to post thoughts and experiences I have in Bristol, UK. I keep my own journal for the more private items, so here I will post what I feel is appropriate for anyone to read. The bulk of it should be related to Buddhism, to life as a global citizen, and to my relations with my family and friends, here and in the US. I'll try to make the subject matter of each post clear by the title, even if that means excessively long titles.

About me?: My name is Justin Whitaker. I'm 24, studying at the University of Bristol for a Masters of Arts in Buddhist Studies. The degree will keep me here in England until roughly July (maybe I'll stay through September?) of 2005. I have a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Montana. Beyond my MA I'm not sure what exactly I'll do - but it looks like I'll definitely take at least a short time off before any further (Ph.D.) studies. I'd like to travel the world a bit, maybe in the Peacecorps, maybe as an English teacher in South/South East Asia.

I'm a Buddhist, focusing primarily in the Tibetan Geluk tradition (that of the Dalai Lama), and have practiced for about 4 years now, although hitherto not very seriously. I hope to some day teach, likely in a University (hense the Ph.D. plans), but possibly also in a less academic Buddhist setting.

I have a wonderful family in Montana: an older brother and sister, and my parents. I have a few scattered friends in Montana and evermoreso around the US and world.

That should be enough of an introduction of me and the blog for now - you can always email me at or comment on particular postings. I hope to keep this blog up quite regularly.

Best wishes. Love. Peace. jw.

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