Thursday, November 18, 2004

Some flavor (flavour) of my life in UK

(edited from emails home to my mum and sister)


Nothing major, but just something I am liking a lot about being at the Hodgkinhouse:Last night I was invited to join a group of Indian students for dinner. I was served two fantastic Indian dishes, though I did not get any specific name for either, 'curry in a hurry' from the man cooking, and 'fried rice with dahl' from the woman. The curry was similar to something at Tipu's, though I cannot remember what. He (Sorjay) intentially kept it very mild on my account and I told him I could definitely handle some kick, though not too much.

And today I am fasting for National Fast Day - an opportunity for non-Muslims to join the Muslim community in celebrating/observing Ramadan. In an hour I will go to a local church where there is a fast breaking ceremony. Apparently I'mnot fasting correctly! as I have had some tea and water, both a no-no according to a Muslim girl I met in the house this afternoon. Oh well - I'm a bit under the weather, perhaps a flu (given some aches in my legs and back), so I think tea and water are a good idea.

Also, I'm reading Thomas Merton's Asian Journals - something recommended by my Buddhism professor back in Missoula (Alan Sponberg) to a fellow student. The book gives an interesting point of view on Buddhism, that of a Catholic contemplative...


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