Monday, February 11, 2008

Living: memed

I've been memed - Patia has tagged me with the 4 Things meme.

4 Jobs I've Held:
  1. Dish washer, prep cook, cook: Yat Son Chinese Restaurant, Helena, MT
  2. Bookkeeper (the old IGA grocery store in Missoula where the Good Food store is now)
  3. Tutor for first-year medical students in Medical Ethics, Bristol, England
  4. Program Coordinator, the Center for Ethics, Missoula, MT

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over Again:
  1. Pink Floyd: The Wall
  2. A Beautiful Mind
  3. Ashes and Snow
  4. The Peaceful Warrior

4 Places I've Been:
  1. Aran Islands, Ireland
  2. Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA
  3. La Alhambra, Granada, Spain
  4. Florence, Italy

4 Places I've Lived:
  1. Helena & Missoula, Montana
  2. Cheney, Washington
  3. Bristol, England
  4. London, England

4 TV Shows I (used to) Watch:
  1. Mr. Ed
  2. Gilligan's Island
  3. MacGyver
  4. Discovery Channel (everything)

4 Radio Shows I (used to) Listen To:
  1. G. Gordon Liddy (AM conservative talk radio - I 'monitored' his show when I worked in commercial radio in Helena, MT)
  2. KBGA College Radio 89.9 (everything - undergrad days in Missoula)
  3. BBC News and Commentary (Bristol, UK)
  4. NPR (everything - especially News, Pea Green Boat & Prairie Home Companion)

4 Things I Look Forward To:
  1. Spring (yes! - borrowed from Patia)
  2. Our next president (YES - also borrowed from P.)
  3. Teaching again, and most of all....
  4. Seeing my love, Kelly, sooooon!!!

4 Favourite Foods:
  1. Indian Curry
  2. Salmon
  3. The Cosmopolitan Bohemian meal: artisan bread, Italian cheese, Australian wine
  4. Potato Soup

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
  1. Anywhere with Kelly
  2. Watching the sun set from Mount Sentinel (Missoula)
  3. Admiring the BIG Sky over Helena, MT
  4. see #1 above

4 People I email regularly:
  1. Kelly
  2. My mum
  3. Bristol Friends
  4. Ali in Missoula

4 People to Tag:
  1. Chris
  2. SJ
  3. Tom
  4. Greg


Jennifer said...

Hi Justin,
I love The Wall. One of my favorite movies. I remember seeing it when I was fifteen it changed my perception about how movies should be.
Good Luck getting to the places you'd rather be.
Peace Jen

Tom said...

Peaceful Warrior! Hooray, that. A much underappreciated movie, in and out of the arthouse theatres in a flash. Got damned for being new agey, I guess, but so much of it is well done. I saw it three times the one week in was it smelly Sacramento-area arthouse theatres.

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Hia Jen, Yea, the Wall - it's mind-blowing, in a very good way. Though I must say that I haven't seen it since I quit smo.... ahem... A good one to return to, I should say.

Tom - Cool, I'm glad to hear that there are other Peaceful Warrior fans out there! Of course I owe this one fully to miss McGannon's wonderful influence. I've drafted some work on Buddhism and the movie; perhaps one day to be blogged or -perhaps- published in that journal on religion and films...

Patia said...

I liked the PW movie and loved the book back when I used to live in Berkeley.

What's Ashes and Snow? I couldn't find it on Netflix.

And I need to know more about this G. Gordon Liddy thing. Monitoring for what/whom?

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Patia, yay Peaceful Warrior :) We should all watch that again some time. Ashes and Snow is a most amazing film/photo project - google it ( The video itself is hard to get ahold of, but if you do, you'll be glad... (it's the video I watched with Kelly after which I finally had 'the moment' to first kiss her)...

And G.Gordon... Scary guy - he was probably monitored by lots of people... but my job at the station was to make sure all our automated commercials came on at the right time in the breaks... so I actually (mentally) tuned him out 90% of the time.

Patia said...

The film looks great -- hope I get a chance to see it someday.