Sunday, May 15, 2005

Jet Li - A Buddhist fighting for a better message

I read something similar to this a few months ago - but here it is again: (by the way, Jet Li is an action movie star, with the lead role in the Chinese film 'Hero')

"Many fans thought Li had reached the summit of his career with last year's hit, Hero. But he's still troubled that North American filmgoers, especially the younger ones, have an almost knee-jerk reaction to his name. "They think: 'Jet Li -- oh cool! Kick ass!' " He used to be happy with that reaction but lately it's been bothering him. "That's the only message I give to young kids? I hope that I can give more than just that.

"That's why I wanted to make this film so that younger people see that violence is not the only solution. Look at Danny. He's physically very strong -- he can knock out 20 people in a few seconds -- but he's an animal. He doesn't care about others. Humans care about others, that's the difference. Something cooler than action, cooler than martial arts, is love."

Good stuff. jw

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