Thursday, May 19, 2005

politics, bloody politics

I avoid political things in general, but found this very interesting. The liberal (Respect Party) MP George Galloway testified Tuesday in Washington concerning his alleged role in the 'oil-for-food' scandals in Iraq. In addition to claiming that the allegations are false and unfounded, he lashed out against US (and at times British) policy concerning Iraqi sanctions and the war.

It looks as if he was correct about the weakness of the senate evidence against him (coming from Ahmed Chalabi, the same guy who gave 'evidence' that Iraq had WMDs and from tortured prisoners). It doesn't appear that the Republican Senator Coleman had much to say in response. (here is some video)

Well, it's politics, and not my strength by any means, but it is nice to see someone in the spotlight raising the questions and issues that Mr. Galloway raises (the death of one MILLION Iraqi's, mostly children, under sanctions, the death of 100,000 Iraqis since the US invasion, mostly civilians, the death of 1,600 US soldiers and the injuries of 15,000 US soldiers - all, as he said, 'based on a pack of lies', including US arms sales to Iraq, US kickbacks to Iraq for oil, the loss of 8 billion dollars in Iraq under US control, the indiscriminant and untracked handing out of cash by US military personnel in Iraq, the US companies making mega-profits, etc...).

Of course we mustn't forget the atrocities of Saddam Husein, nor the terrible situation in Iraq under his control.

Well, it's politics! Not always pretty. I'll slink now back into my Buddhist Studies world where major disputes produce books, not wars....

peace. jw

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