Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Lessons

Well I'm happy to report that most of the angst underlying Sunday's post seems to have gone away. It's hard to say exactly how or why it left, or what brought it on in the first place. But some things I've learned that might help for the future:
  1. Kelly and I have lots of wonderful, amazing people in our lives that both want us to be happy and have great advice and helpful solutions.
  2. I need a regular meditation practice; I've had one here twice a week for a few weeks, but more would be good.
  3. When I'm stressed my inclination is to withdraw. This can be okay, even good, at times. But at this time, me withdrawing is the exact opposite of what Kelly needs. I need to keep her informed with what's going on here (even when it's not pretty).
  4. I'll be much, much better when I'm out of London!
Right now I'm on the fence regarding moving out. I was leaning toward it but then my housemates all told me how sad they'd be if I left (some making reference to things I have fixed, others not). (to them - Thanks) One even offered to call Kelly and tell her they'd be sad, and how it's pretty horrible here, but that it's only two more months. To those who have offered me places to stay for a visit outside of London, YES and YES. So no move, but some travels. And some more meditation. Now back to our previously scheduled programing of Buddhist ethics and Kantian drivelings.... :)

Oh, but one last note. One of my great professors back in Montana, Albert Borgmann, offered his students a sort of 'key' to or formula for happiness:
  1. Think about the things that you do that make you most happy
  2. Think about the people that you are with when you are most happy
  3. Think about the place where you are most happy, &
  4. Remember these three.
I've got great people here (and many more that aren't here), and I am blessed to be able to study the subject that I love, but the place here.... well.


SJ said...

Well, you know Bristol is waiting....

Margaret said...

It's hardly surprising that your roommates like you--you're a likeable guy--or that they appreciate the things you've done to make your common digs more liveable. But no matter how much they like you, and you like them, the walls are still thin and the plumbing is plugged and the heating doesn't always heat. You have obligations to yourself, Kelly and your studies that might be better managed in more comfortable surroundings. So MOVE. Then come to Gozo.

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Hia SJ - Yep! I'm goin! How does the weekend of the 23rd sound?

Margaret, yup for sure to Gozo, say mid-February for a week, 14th-22nd? I'll email ya. :)

And moving... yea, still on the fence on this. I think of how rare it is to live with really great people - just one noisy grump in the group can be as aggravating as anything. I've solved the plumbing issue (I think) and many of the in-house noise problems. So I'll stick around a few more days at least to see how it goes. If it's still bad I'll jet for sure.