Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Living - moving?

Today I visited another hall of residence for a potential move, Raymont Hall. It has some pros and cons I'll need to mull over for a day or so; feel free to chime in with advice.

  • It's on a quiet road in a residential neighborhood, I now live on a major highway in a busy neighborhood.
  • The room would be a bit bigger with a nice desk, my own toilet and shower, and a larger window, overlooking either a quiet internal garden/courtyard or facing out where it would get several hours of direct sunlight.
  • Laundry services are on-site; right now I have to walk a couple blocks to do laundry.
  • It's 15 minutes' walk from college, I'm about 5 minutes now (a small thing).
  • The kitchens there are filthy; the kitchens here, despite the mice, are immaculate in comparison.
  • No internet in the rooms (this may be a pro though if it means I get more work done).
  • It is $30/week more in rent.
The people there (and thus potential noise from them) are a bit of a mystery. I know a couple people living in the hall, but none near where I would be (A2 or A18). I really, really like the people in my hall, so I would be leaving them and the daily kindness and support that they give me.

There is also the fact that I'll only be in London for about six more weeks (my ticket to DC and, more importantly, Kelly, is purchased for March 25). Of that six weeks, I already have a week booked in Gozo (many many thanks to Margaret and Bruce!), and will spend about eight days in Bristol this month and next (many many thanks to SJ!). So that only leaves about four weeks, twenty-eight or so days. Is it worth it to move for so short a time? I know I'll survive here at Batavia Mews; but I also know I won't thrive. At Raymont I might thrive, or then it could worse somehow...

Anywho... something I'll mull over for a day or so. Please feel free to give thoughts or things for me to think about. Thanks.


Nienke said...

i can't say much about it. i can ask someone in the A corner about the noise. But then again, it's the question if they are so concerned/aware of noise as you are.

are you not coming back after march?

Kelly said...

Hm. It seems doable to stick it out for just 28 days. Why add more readjusting to your life than you need to? Also, why move 2x instead of once (back to the States)?

I support you regardless, but I think that after you return from Gozo, life will seem sunnier and more manageable in London. Love, K

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Hia Nienke - Thanks; if you do get a chance to ask, that would be great. Even if I don't move, Soyoung, might, so I can pass on what you say to her.

Nope, after March I'm back in the US for good :)

Heya babe! Yep, I think you're 100% right. If nothing else, the Gozo trip will give me space to think this over so I don't make any rash (stress-based) decisions either way. Ohhh, sweet sunshine!

Please - for future reference to all who read this blog - don't let me (or Kelly, I think) spend another January in some funky, cloudy city. Even if it means burning up lots of meritorious karma, I NEED the sun and will-must fly (or drive or take a boat/train if possible) to get it!

Jennifer said...

Hi Justin,
28 days isn't bad. Hang in there. I'll tell you what I told your lovely bride to be.. sometimes looking to the future makes the present more bearable.
Peace Jen

Patia said...

No funky, cloudy cities in January? I guess Missoula's out.

I vote for staying where you are, and using the $30 a week you'll save to invest in whatever will make your life there more bearable. Mouse traps, a cat, houseplants, candles, takeout Chinese, a noise-reducing machine (I just discovered they do make such a thing), a prism to hang in your window, whatever.

Six weeks is hardly worth the stress of moving.

Buddhist_philosopher said...

Thank Jen, You're definitely right. I think the future holds lots of sunshine, hugs, laughs and nature for us both. 28 days. Can do.

Hia Patia - yup, if we end up in Missoula I'll definitely need to leave in January. Two years ago I was ├╝ber-depressed in Missoula and very luckily saved by a week in Hawai'i.

Ohhhh, a noise-reducing machine! Great idea :) I'll see if I can find one. Thanks.

Patia said...

Yep, it was in my therapist's office. Kind of a soft white noise.